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Bluebeam Studio Prime Integrations API Performance Issues


After further reports from customers highlighting significant improvements and after much monitoring of our API Integration services, we are happy to conclude our investigations into the broader issues affecting them.

Status is now back to fully operational.

Integrators, please continue to report any new or persistent issues that may occur.


We have continued to see positive results today both through our own testing as well as confirmation from customers who have confirmed job completions and successful outcomes on their end.

With this news, we are continuing to monitor our systems and are watching customer feedback related to Studio Prime/API integrations closely.

Thank you for your patience and special thanks to those customers who have worked with us to investigate these issues.


While we have corrected a number of recent issues related to Studio, we understand that not all issues have been resolved for all customers. To this matter, a full engineering team has been dedicated to work through and fixing the remaining issues.

For now, the state of Studio services related to Prime API and Integrations remains degraded and under investigation.


We have deployed changes that we hope will resolve the issues that are currently being experienced by our customers using their Studio Prime integrations. We are continuing to monitor and will provide further updates as information becomes available.


We are currently investigating intermittent performance issues impacting the Studio Prime API and are working on a fix. Please note that only Studio Projects and Sessions which use Prime API integrations are affected by this incident.

We appreciate your patience as we try to resolve these issues.

2 Affected Services: